Kinship Cafe
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Our Mission: To make our world more beautiful, peaceful, and compassionate. We do this by empowering people with knowledge, showing how to develop well-being, and celebrating with art and music!
— Jim Jones

Kinship represents our organization because it focuses our attention on our common well-being and interrelatedness. 


Our Programs


Kinship Cafe

Join us each week as we explore important issues about life and well-being. Our videos are found on our Patreon page.


Kinship Seminars and Classes

We present on topics related to personal and community well-being. This includes classes on mindfulness, character and yoga, to updates on nuclear waste being stored at a local beach.

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Kinship Festival and Concerts

We love to celebrate life! Watch for live and online concerts and festivals (formally Music for the Revolution) FESTIVAL 2019


Kinship One-on-One

If you are excited about our focus on well-being and want a more personalized approach, contact us for our mentoring and coaching options.