Welcome to Kinship Cafe

Discover your well-being. Well-being is experiencing your true potential and engaging in the demands of life with resilience. Well-being is being connected to community that gives support, encouragement, and love. Well-being comes when you have a purpose that captures our dreams and drives our passions.

Our Values

  • We value a safe place to explore the deep questions of life, without the constraints of dogma or tradition.

  • We value utilizing the best tools available, including science and the humanities, to arrive at our best understanding of the deep questions of life.

Our Principles

  • Human well-being is our chief concern.
  • Our well-being depends on our care for the world and other forms of life we share it with.
  • Care for the world requires us to develop balanced, just, and sustainable social systems.
  • Free and critical thinking is crucial for achieving these principles.

  • Education is essential for the continued progress of these principles now and across generations.

  • Application of our best understanding of these principles is our goal.

Our Meetings

  • 7 – 8 pm every Thursday evening
  • Online courses and meditations (coming soon)
  • Town Hall meetings on important environmental or social issues
  • Kinship Festival/Retreat (previously Music for the Revolution)